A Direct Experience Of God

The mystics of all the great spiritual traditions seek a direct and intimate experience with God in this lifetime. They believe it is possible now. We do not need to wait until we die to know this Source and come to a direct experience of Its’ Truth.

What Is A Sound Bath Meditation?

“Sound Baths” have become very popular ways to meditate. Yet, so many people still do not now what they are or how they can benefit from one.
In this video, medical student turned meditation teacher & singing bowl specialist, Anthony Profeta, will share some knowledge about sound & sound bath meditations.

Special EARTH DAY Sound Bath Meditation

This is the recording of Anthony's Special Live Earth Day Sound Bath Meditation event. The Sound Bath was broadcast Live via Zoom at 1:11pm (est) on Earth Day April 22, 2020 to send out Good Vibes and to help you feeling relaxed, calm, and peaceful. You Can Follow...

5 Useful Tips For Cultivating A Daily Meditation Practice

  Though I’ve been meditating for over nearly two decades, I wasn't committed to a daily meditation practice all that time. I was so caught up in the hectic pace of my life that I would forget to sit; I struggled with my mind; argued with myself; and thought at...

Conquering Fear: In Times Of Darkness

In today's society fear is on the rise. And we all have a lot of reasons to be afraid right now. The world is in a transition and we fear for our health & safety; we fear because many people have died; we fear for our jobs; we fear about making our mortgage &...

Meditation is Realization

The word "MEDITATION" is used in various ways, but however it is used, it always refers to techniques that seek the realization of one’s inner nature. Meditation does not require the believe in dogma, doctrine, or any authority. It is an inward journey in which one...

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