The Fundamental Purity of Our True Nature

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You are Divine Spiritual nature GodThe underlying essence or nature of our being is perfect, complete, and pure. Just as clouds can temporarily block the light of the sun, so too our attachment to the physical body and the impurities of the mind – our anxieties, attachments, desires, ego – blocks the light of truth within us. But, just as the sun is not changed, it is merely hidden behind the clouds, the same is true of our true nature. Nothing destroys it or changes it, the purity of our compassionate, loving, wise, divine nature is always there dwelling deep within our hearts and the heart of each & every being. And the ultimate purpose of meditation, and all our spiritual practices, is to make contact with the fundamental truth of our being — call it consciousness, Buddha-nature, energy, Pure Mind, Universe, Christ-Consciousness, God.

The existence of this Inner Nature is not a matter of belief or intellectual acceptance. It is nothing we need to become, but rather soemthing we must simply awaken to. And it is coming to “know thyself” as this essence through direct experience that is our great task. In fact, countless people have discovered the great treasure that is within them. And throughout the ages, we have been told by all the great teachers that peace, love, happiness, wisdom, and even God are found within.

Therefore, perfection is not something waiting for us somewhere else. Everything we need to be complete is within us right now at this very moment. It is simply a matter of recognizing, tapping into, & unlocking that potential.

A daily meditation practice is a way we can dissolve the clouds which block and hide our true nature. It is a practice which begins to gently awaken the Truth that is there within us. It is a key to our evolution from what we think is a limited, ordinary person trapped by the egoic nature into a fully enlightened, fully spiritual, totally conscious being of unlimited potential, compassion, love, and wisdom.

In words of the sufi poet Rumi, “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”

Therefore, realize that you were born with potential. You were born with goodness. You were born with greatness. So, use the wings you were born with and learn to fly.

Good luck on your journey to self-discovery.

May all your days be filled with an abundnance of love, happiness, & peace!  ~ Anthony

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