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Anthony Profeta Singing Bowls Sound Therapy teacher

Anthony Profeta

Anthony Profeta is a transformative force in the world of meditation and integrative medicine. His path from medical student to internationally known & professionally certified meditation maestro, mindfulness expert, singing bowl & sound specialist – which has earned him the name “The Mozart of Sound Meditation” – has been nothing short of extraordinary.

His expertise stems from over two decades of intensive learning and practice. Anthony’s passion for meditation and spiritual understanding has led him around the world, studying various techniques in monasteries and meditation centers in the US, Nepal, Italy, and India.

Anthony considers himself very blessed to have been guided by luminaries such as Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and the Dalai Lama. These profound mentorships, coupled with his medical background, have shaped his unique approach to wellness and holistic living.

Anthony’s life has come full circle as he now serves as an integrative medicine provider, offering sound therapy to cancer patients in traditional medical facilities and major hospitals.

Anthony’s journey allows him to easily bridge the gap between the spiritual and the scientific. His whole-person approach to healthcare and collaborative work with conventional medicine provides opportunities for enhanced health and well-being for clients. The ease with which he demystifies ancient contemplative arts offers a practical roadmap for seekers on their own wellness or transformational journeys.

“It doesn’t have to be a struggle to live a present, fulfilling, healthy and happy life. Each one of us has the potential to find these qualities through the connection with our awakened nature.”
Certified Mindfulness teacher Profeta Anthony

🌟 A Trailblazer in Meditation, Integrative Medicine, and “The Mozart of Sound Meditation” 🌟

Anthony’s professional journey began in traditional western medicine but took a turn down a more holistic path. He has gone on to study meditative and contemplative practices with a Japanese Grandmaster, Yogis, Swamis, Lamas, Buddhist & Christian Monks, and he considers himself extremely blessed to have trained & practiced under the direct mentorship of such well-respected teachers as Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Sharon Salzberg, & Jack Kornfield.

But 2019 was a life-changing year for Anthony, as he had the blessed opportunity to be mentored and receive tantric meditation initiations directly from the Dalai Lama himself while in India.

In addition to studying formal meditation and spending time in quiet contemplation, Anthony’s voracious appetite for spiritual understanding led him to immerse himself in the sacred texts of nearly every major religion around the world. From the profound teachings of Hindu Advaita Vedanta and yogic philosophies to the enlightened insights of Buddhism, the spiritual wisdom of Christianity, the mystical Jewish Kabbalistic teachings, and the ancient echoes of Zoroastrianism, as well as many other esoteric philosophies of both the East and West, Anthony’s understanding of people and the world has been molded into the unique perspective he holds today. His commitment to understanding the core tenets of each tradition and why people believe what they do has positioned him as a trusted guide and coach, enabling him to distill complex spiritual concepts into practical teachings for today’s world.

Anthony’s quest however didn’t end there. His sojourns in Nepal and India led him to delve into the world of singing bowl sound therapy. And under the guidance of monks from these ancient lands as well as renowned US sound therapists and practitioners, Anthony has mastered the art of creating sonic landscapes that resonate with the soul. The soothing and transformative experiences he creates has been shared with tens of thousands in packed rooms across the US, earning him the title “The Mozart of Sound Meditation.”

The applause for Anthony’s “Good Vibrations: Sound Bath Meditation Experiences” echoes in SOLD OUT venues across the United States, reaching a crescendo during his presentation at the art world’s prestigious show Art Basel in Miami Beach, Fl.

Florida serves as Anthony’s home base, but his teachings traverse the globe. He offers classes and workshops throughout the US. And since 2018, he has led transformative retreats in some of the world’s most spiritual locales, such as Egypt, Sedona, Italy, the Art of Living Center in North Carolina, Greece, Nepal, & India, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those seeking profound inner journeys.

Anthony’s life, however, has come full circle. He started his journey in medical school thinking he’d be serving others as a medical doctor, but his life took a more holistic turn. Now, Anthony has been called back into traditional medicine contracted as an integrative medicine provider and offering sound therapy modalities at some of the nation’s top hospitals and medical organizations. 

Anthony is not just a teacher; he’s a storyteller, a guide, and a beacon of positive energy. His insights have graced the airwaves of multiple podcasts and radio shows, his writings have found a home in mindful living platforms like “The Elephant Journal” and “Thrive Global”, and he has been featured in media such as Palm Beach Illustrated, and The Huffington Post.

As a featured teacher on the meditation app Insight Timer, Anthony’s guided meditations and sound bath experiences have reached countless souls seeking serenity. You can find his transformative sessions on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, and other music platforms.

Throughout his illustrious career, Anthony has touched the lives of tens of thousands, guiding them through meditative and contemplative practices. He believes in a whole-person approach to healthcare and has profoundly impacted the spiritual and holistic wellness communities. His mission extends beyond borders, inviting all to join him on a transformative journey toward inner peace, empowerment, transformation, and greater wellbeing.

Your guide down the path of health, happiness, and self-discovery.

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