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100-hr Teacher Training Program

If you are interested in developing the foundational skills to become a mindfulness meditation teacher, join Anthony Profeta, for his introductory yet INTENSIVE 100-hour Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program.

This training immersion will help you gain a more complete understanding of mindfulness meditation with a thorough exploration into Buddhist philosophy and its meditation techniques; especially its mindfulness and compassion practices.This training will strengthen your own practice and give you the necessary knowledge and experience to lead mindfulness meditation in a clear way to others in both a group and 1-1 setting.The program is aimed at those who wish to become more skillful in presenting mindfulness – such as therapists, social workers, yoga teachers, health care professionals, educators, life coaches, and anyone seeking to integrate mindfulness meditation practices into their work. But, it is also open to anyone who may have no desire to teacher but simply wish to deepen their own practice & study.

During the training participants are required to make a serious time commitment. There will be group practice, teaching exercises, additional individual practice and study requirements. Students will be asked to practice mindfulness meditation for a minimum of 30-60 minutes per day for the duration of the program (and hopefully for the rest of their lives). In addition to six training weekends and study days, you will need to complete regular homework assignments and readings, weekly check-ins with peer groups, practice teaching assignments, 2 teacher one-on-one meetings, and monthly videoconference calls.Details will be presented for group practice & mock teaching sessions once the program is underway. There will be tests and a full-day retreat at the end of the program.

Who is Eligible


Anyone looking to deepen their own practice and understanding of meditation & mindfulness


 Anyone looking to move toward helping others with their meditation practice.

Recommended For


Yoga students, Yoga teachers, Social workers, Therapists, School teachers, Leaders in any field, etc.


Meditation instruction and practice is beneficial to all other modalities, including one’s every day life and relationships. 



Completed Application


1 year or more of consistent meditation practice is helpful but NOT required.


Full attendance in the program (Have to miss something, we get it! But if you miss more than one weekend you don’t get certified).


Successful completion of weekly readings, homework, tests & completion of our full-day retreat.

Information & Costs

We strive to make this training accessible to people of all income levels and offer early bird pricing with payment plans.

There is a small number of scholarships that will be available for school teachers from The Peace & Compassion Foundation. 

To request a scholarship application or to nominate a teacher please contact us.


Full Tuition: $2400

Earlybird Pricing (up to 1 month before start date): $1897

The training takes place at Aquarian Dreams and ALL PAYMENTS are made through them directly. Call: (321) 729-9495

Tuition is exclusive of reading materials.

Payment & Refund Policy


Participants must submit a deposit of 25% of the program tuition. The remaining 75% of the program tuition can be paid in installments and must be paid in full by the 4th weekend of the program


Payment plans can be arranged for all tuition pricing.
Contact us if you’re interested in arranging a payment plan.


Completion of the online application and two brief letters of recommendation with contact info.


Six Training Weekends

Full-Day Retreat & Graduation

Biweekly Video Conference calls 
(Meetings will be held on weekday evenings, and will be scheduled on dates which are determined by considering class and teacher availability.) 

Saturdays 10-6pm
Sundays 1-7pm  
Weekends include meditation practice, discussions, exercises, and practice teachings.


February 5th & 6th, 2022

Meditation & Mindfulness History and Practice

During these sessions we will discuss the history of Meditation & Mindfulness practice and the difference between these methods. Introduction to posture and preliminaries in beginning a practice will be taught. We will also touch upon the contemporary view of mindfulness meditation from a secular perspective. Instructions for guided mindfulness of breath practice and some other methods.



March 5th & 6th, 2022

A Deeper Dive Into Mindfulness

Some say mindfulness has been watered down by modern society. Therefore, during this session, we will dive deeper into the roots of this ancient practice and learn more about the purpose of mindfulness from a Buddhist perspective & meditation’s spiritual purpose. We will also touch upon the hindrances or challenges that every meditator encounters, as well as the benefit of these methods for dealing with overwhelming emotions, difficult thoughts, physical pain.

Weekend 3

April 2nd & 3rd, 2022

The Cultivation of Compassion & Heartfulness

In many Asian cultures, the word for mind and heart is the same and therefore John Kabat-Zinn “the father of modern mindfulness” states: “if we hear mindfulness and also don’t like of heartfulness we haven’t truly understand what it is about.” During this weekend, we will touch on meditation practices which are meant to help open our heart and cultivate compassion. Such as the traditional metta (lovingkindness), forgiveness, gratitude & tonglen meditation. These methods will help us not only cultivate compassion for others but also for ourselves.


April 30th & May 1st, 2022

The Science Behind The Practice

During this weekend, we will discuss the science and research of the mind-body connection. The process and mechanics of what happens to the mind during and after mindfulness meditation practice. We will touch upon many studies and what the benefits are for our body, mind, and emotions.

Weekend 5

June 4th & %tht, 2022

Working The Practices With Others

This weekend we will discuss the different types of settings and teaching environments. We will touch up the ethical guidelines of being a teacher and working one-on-one, in group settings, as well as healthcare institutions. You will get tips and guidance in establishing a career as a mindfulness and meditation teacher, etc…


July 9th & 10th, 2022

Student Presentations & Final Full Day Retreat

Students will develop their own class and then lead/instruct the group in a presentation on applications of mindfulness, research on mindfulness, as well as a guided meditation of their choice. The weekend will end with a Full Day Retreat Conducted for the most part in Noble Silence.

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