July 30, 2024 @ 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm
Blissful.Energy LLC
Floating On Sound: Aerial Hammock Sound Bath @ Blissful.Energy LLC

Floating On Sound!

This is NOT your average Sound Bath Meditation!

Join us at Blissful Energy in Melbourne, Fl for a FULL SENSORY relaxing and stress-relieving experience as you embark on a Sound Meditation Journey while resting in an Aerial Hammock.

In addition, to being enveloped in the sound vibrations as you lay cradled in the hammock you will also be transported into a state of deeper relaxation by the aroma of diffused oils & candle light.

Sound meditation is a very therapeutic form of meditation as the tones and frequencies help to entrain the brainwaves into the more relaxed alpha & deeply rejuvenating theta brainwaves states, as well as, assists in the re-attunement of the energetic body.

Be sure to get your tickets as this event is sure to sell out!

Cost: $35 (prepaid) / $40 day of event.