July 21, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Aquarian Dreams
FULL MOON: Sound Bath Meditation @ Aquarian Dreams

It’s Time To Release & Let Go!!

A full moon doesn’t only have some very profound effects on our planet – such as controlling our tides, and animal behavior – it also has a powerful effect on people. For some, it energizes them, while for others, it brings out a very different person from who they are normally.

Many traditions say that it is possible to harness the energy of the moon for our spiritual practice. In fact, because the moon’s light is reflective for centuries the full moon has been a time for contemplation & reflection and therefore considered a sacred time for meditation. The Buddhist tradition believes that meditation on a Full moon is very auspicious because they say it was a full moon night upon which the #Buddha attained #enlightenment.

Many other traditions say meditation performed around the time of full moon is especially powerful If:
You want to release things from your life
You want to let go of old negative emotions, ways of thinking, and all which is no longer serving you.
You wish to transform yourself
You want to tear down the walls and start again

We will begin in Aquarian Dreams with a Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation to help us relax & get into a deeper meditative state. Then, if the weather permits you may join us as we go out across the street to the beach and end with a silent meditation under the moon.

You may want to bring a towel/mat to sit on.
Cost: $25

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