June 20, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Spark of Divine, LLC
1789 Old Dixie Hwy
Vero Beach
FL 32960

Hello, Meditators!
Set your week, as well as, your mind, body, & soul on the right path by coming together with like-minded people for a group meditation.

This is a WEEKLY RECURRING GROUP MEDITATION that is open to EVERYONE at we meet at Spark of Divine, LLC in Vero Beach, Fl.

Whether you are a beginner or master meditator – please know that you are welcome to come and join us. You can sit on a floor cushion; sit in a chair; lie on a yoga mat, or whatever other position is most comfortable for you. If you have your own favorite meditation cushion please feel free to bring it with you.

This GROUP MEDITATION was created to give our community a set time & place to come and practice their meditation – regardless of the technique you are using. The total time we meditate approximately 30 minutes. And we close our group with a 5-7 minute Metta Meditation. [Metta is a loving-kindness method of meditation in which we sent out positive thoughts/energy to others & the world.]

We start promptly at 7PM and we ask as a courtesy to others that you try your best to arrive on time. If you happen to arrive a few minutes late, please enter quietly & take a seat being mindful of those around you.

Many find a GROUP MEDITATION to be a very different experience than trying to sit & meditate at home by one’s self. In fact, many beginners say they find group meditations to be extremely helpful for nurturing & sustaining a long-term practice. And this is important because in order to reap all the wonderful benefits that meditation has to offer it must be something we practice daily & continuously.

Many find Group Meditations helpful because:
1. Group Meditations provide a set time & place in which to practice without the distractions of home.

2. Many find group environments help them to stay motivated & committed to their practice. (I liken it to going to the gym with a workout partner.)

3. When meditators come together they form a group energy and many say that this energy creates a calming environment which helps their minds & bodies to relax quicker and easier, and this often leads them to deeper & more fulfilling meditations.

Therefore, come join us, for together we have the potential, through our collective energy, to create an environment which brings transformation not only to the lives of those in our group but to our world as well. I look forward to meeting & meditating with you.

Love Donation: $5-$10 suggested
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