June 1, 2022 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Aquarian Dreams

You probably know that meditation brings many wonderful health benefits to our lives, but they’re just an added bonus. Meditation truly began as a spiritual practice, and spiritual unfoldment was always what it was about. In fact, the regular practice of meditation opens us up to new dimensions of consciousness. And according to the Vedic texts, meditation is practiced to experience Infinite Consciousness; which is our source of being.

Initiates of ancient meditative traditions were taught that spiritual awakening & rebirth occurred by the raising of Kundalini Energy. Kundalini is Life Force, Primal Energy, Shakti; and sometimes called the “coiled one” or “sleeping goddess”. This infinite power of consciousness lies dormant in everyone; and it sits at the base of the spine, just waiting to be awakened. An awakening results in deep meditation, enlightenment, bliss, & recognition of our true nature.

Kundalini is often connected to Hinduism, however, the importance of raising this energy was taught in Ancient Egypt; Greece; Rome; Buddhism; Judaism; & Christianity. But, because this energy is very powerful, this spiritual teaching was surrounded in mystery, expressed in symbols, and only taught to devout initiates of these faiths. As time past, the knowledge of the symbols and this important teaching nearly became lost to modern society. But, in this workshop, this ancient knowledge will again be exposed.

What you will learn:
What Kundalini is;
Explore this universal teaching, its symbols, and where it’s found in each philosophy;
Learn a Meditation Technique taught in ancient times to help raise this powerful energy.

It is the birthright of every human being to know their true inner nature.
So come & let Kundalini awaken you to your true Divine Self.

You may wish to bring a notebook or something to write with for the first part of the class.

Hope you can join us!

Cost: $25

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