A Direct Experience Of God

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The mystics of all the great spiritual traditions seek a direct and intimate experience with God in this lifetime. They believe it is possible now. We do not need to wait until we die to know this Source and come to a direct experience of Its’ Truth.

They also all claim that the experience must occur within. For example, St Augustine once said, “I erred in seeking You without, for Thou art within.” The Christ said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” In Buddhism, it is stated that ‘Your Buddha-nature exists within you in potential”, and in Hinduism, it is written that “the self is Brahman (God).”

This direct experience is often referred to as spiritual union, spiritual marriage, the union between the Beloved & the Lover, Self-Realization, God Realization, etc… And ultimately this is what we are all seeking and longing for. The restlessness within us is a restlessness of the soul which is longing to know itself and its’ connection to the Source, which has many names and labels, but which I do call God. In order for this realization to occur, we must take the initiative to cultivate the experience.

Good luck on your journey and may all your days be filled with an abundance of love, happiness, and peace – Anthony Profeta

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