Conquering Fear: In Times Of Darkness

by | May 19, 2020 | 0 comments

In today’s society fear is on the rise. And we all have a lot of reasons to be afraid right now. The world is in a transition and we fear for our health & safety; we fear because many people have died; we fear for our jobs; we fear about making our mortgage & paying other bills.
Today, just going shopping at the food store can be a stimulus for our fears.

Some say there’s very good reason —- for who knows exactly what next week holds or even tomorrow for that matter. But, this mentality is leading us deeper into the AGE OF ANXIETY — because what many people don’t realize is that anxiety is a type of fear — it usually has to do with the thought of something going wrong in the future.

And so, because of this new world we find ourselves in, many people are experiencing something which hasn’t just become a physical health crisis — but also a mental health crisis, as well.

In this video, meditation teacher, Anthony Profeta, & Mark Anthony, The Psychic Lawyer, share some ways that we can overcome and conquer our fears in this time of darkness.

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