Eckhart Tolle – Present Moment Meditation (Video)

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Meditation is a technique or practice which trains us to be more present to life. It is the breath, mantra, etc… which anchors us to the present moment. What I mean is if we are trying to be aware of our breath during our meditation it is the focus & concentration of the breath that keep us present; for there is no other time that breathing is happening. When we are breathing we aren’t breathing in the past & neither are we breathing in the future. Our breathing is happening in “THE NOW”.

Therefore, when we try to stay focused on the breath we are keeping ourselves in the present moment more often. Even though the present moment is all there really is, so many of us aren’t fully present to it. Our minds are either off in thoughts of past or future. And so, we miss the present moment altogether.

In this video, Eckhart Tolle says,

“For most people, in the normal state of consciousness, the present moment is often overlooked – habitually, unconsciously. People have been conditioned to overlook the most important thing there ever is because your entire life consists of the present moment.”

So, when we are lost in thoughts of past or future we are really living in a world of fantasy & delusion. For the past is gone there’s nothing we can do about it; and the future hasn’t come yet. If we aren’t fully present to life, then we miss the opportunities that are right in front of us. And the truth is that it’s the choices we make, and actions we take, in the present moment that are the causes of the effects that become our future. Our present moment actions cause the reactions which we interpret as our future. Therefore, the present moment is a very important place to be.

I hope you enjoy this video from the wisdom 2 conference. In it Eckhart Tolle will lead a meditation discussion which he calls “A Journey Into The Now”. He explains how the present moment is all there is and that the true essence of who we are is consciousness.

May your days be filled with love, happiness, & peace,

~ Anthony

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