Meditation is Realization

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The word “MEDITATION” is used in various ways, but however it is used, it always refers to techniques that seek the realization of one’s inner nature.
Meditation does not require the believe in dogma, doctrine, or any authority. It is an inward journey in which one studies one’s self on all levels.
And through these techniques, one finally transcends all levels of the mind and ascends to the highest level of Mindfulness, Spiritual quotes, Spirituality, What is meditation, realization, self realization, god realization, know thyselfconsciousness or awareness.
It is a way of going from the known to the Unknown. This process leads from the personal, through the transpersonal, uniting or awakening the individual to the Universal. And you could say that one ultimately reaches the Source of Being or Consciousness itself.
This process can hardly be explained in words, but it transforms the whole personality.
Meditation began as a spiritual practice & in many places has always remained spiritual – the health benefits were/are simply an added bonus. It’s true purpose was/is Self-Realization – a direct vision of truth – and a path to recognizing the Ultimate Truth or what I call God.
For, when one searches their inner world & comes to truly Know Thyself – in finding one’s self – one finds the part made in the image & likeness of God – thus they realize the oneness of the Self & God!

1. “The Self is Brahman [God].” – Hinduism (Upanishads)

2. “The Lord of Love dwells in the heart of all beings.” – Hinduism (Bhagavad Gita)

3. “We are made in the image & likeness of God.” – Judaism/Christianity (Torah, Old Testament Book of Genesis)

4. “The Kingdom if God is within you.” – Jesus (New Testament)

5. “Don’t you know that you are temples of God and that the Spirit of God dwells within you.” – St. Paul (1 corinthians)

6. “Let me know myself, Lord, and I shall know Thee.” – St Augustine

7. “I erred in seeking You without, for You are within, O Lord.” – St Augustine

I could go on with an endless list of quotes & wisdom, but I think you get the point! 😉

God bless you & may all your days be filled with an abundance of love, happiness, and peace!!
🙏❤️😃☮️🙏 – Anthony

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