Seek To Love, Not Be Loved!

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Some people will love and like us, some people will dislike and hate us – that’s just the way of life. And the truth is it’s natural!
Spiritual Quote Anthony Profeta Meditation Teacher Saint FrancisThere were people who hated Jesus, people who hated Buddha, etc… It is not possible for EVERYONE to like us no matter what we do; even if we are the most loving, forgiving person. That’s just the way it is – so if we set out to try and please everyone, be loved or liked by everyone, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.
A good way to thing about it is that there are 88 keys (or notes) on a piano. Not all of them “like” each other. There are “consonant” notes which means they get along and sound pleasing together. But there are also what are known as “DISSONANT” notes – ones that are unpleasing & don’t get along with each other.
It would be silly to say the notes “hate” each other for they have no “feelings” for each other – but they just don’t get along. It’s natural for their energies to not resonate with each other.
In this world – humanity is a symphony – all interacting and playing with one another. And there are 7.5 billion people in the world. So let us think of them as 7.5 billion notes within this symphony – and so there are bound to be “dissonant” notes of people. People who just don’t get along with each other.
So don’t seek to BE LOVED — because if you do you are setting yourself up for suffering or disappointment when you come into contact with a person who is dissonant to you. Don’t judge them for their dissonance – just like there isn’t a “bad” note” on the piano – it doesn’t make them a bad person. It’s just that their energy and yours don’t get along.
So rather than trying to “be loved” instead simple seek TO LOVE and care not what others think of you. Have no care for whether people return that love back to you.
How you act & live is on you! How they act and live is on them!
So just be the love we are asked to show to the world.
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