What Is A Sound Bath Meditation?

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A “Sound Bath” is a method of meditation that has become a very popular way to meditate. Yet, so many people still do not now what they are or how they can benefit from one.

In this video, medical student turned meditation teacher & singing bowl specialist, Anthony Profeta, will share some knowledge about sound & sound bath meditations.

What a sound bath is;
How to utilize sound as an object of meditation;
What are some of the spiritual benefits;
What does science & research say about the benefits;

One other important benefit about sound bath that Anthony forgot to mention in the talk is the shifting of brain waves. Sound baths, though a process known as entrainment, help facilitate a shift from our normal beta state (which is our normal conscious mind, worried mind) to alpha (a more relaxed consciousness), & in you are relaxed, open, & receptive, some people are able to reach theta (a deep meditative state) and even delta (where internal healing can occur).The sound of the instruments are helpful for anyone who’s seeking peace, calm, connection, relaxation, street relief, as well as, as well as the other benefits of meditation, but have not yet learned how to access these brain wave states on their own.

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