Who Are We When We Remove All The Labels?

by | May 22, 2020 | 0 comments

Who are you? Do you truly Know Thyself?

Everything is this world that we think we know we know by the labels we have placed upon them. A “tree” is a “tree” and a “dog” is a “dog” because someone labeled them as such and then people told us these things. But, what is the truth of beneath the labels?

What about yourself? Who are you?
You are not your name that’s a label that your parents gave you at your birth? It’s not your job title that is an activity you are performing to maybe pay the bills and take care of responsibilities while you are incarnated in this life.

We have to look deeper. Dive deep beyond all the labels of the world. Look with & search within for answers. The great psychiatrist Carl Jung once said, “The person who looks outside dreams, but the person who looks inside awakens.”

Awakens to what? Knowledge of who & what we are!

This is why Meditation is so important. Meditation helps us to turn our senses around and look within ourselves. Meditation helps us see who & what we really are, beyond all the labels we’ve placed upon ourselves.

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