Who is this “I”?

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Who is this “I”?

When you say “I” is there really someone present to support the pronoun that you have spoken.
The truth is that most of your statements of opinions, desires, hopes & fears are statements about someone who is NOT really present. For, when you say “I think”, it is often not you who thinks.
If you were truly mindful of all your thoughts you would notice that the majority of the time it is not you who is causing these thoughts to arise within your mind. Thoughts arise and pass away within the mind. They arise from somewhere & you are often not asking for certain thoughts to come into your mind, but they do. If you were truly present to every thought you were thinking would you ever think a negative thought – a thought of depression, sadness, etc…

Self True Self Buddha Nature Soul Know ThyselfAlso, think about when you say “I want”, often you are just accepting, wanting, and buying what you have been made to want by others, society, corporations, advertising agencies, etc…
Therefore, when you are using the word “I” or talking about “I” – you are usually referring to a superficial, external “I”.
So, who is this “I” that you imagine yourself to be?
Logically, you believe that if you link the “I” with your activity or proper name that you know who you are.
For example, when defining the “I” you often say “I am a doctor or teacher”, “I am a Mom or Dad”, etc… But, that is an activity the “I” performs. It is not the “I” itself.
Another thing you do is believe your name is the “I”. And perhaps it is somewhat better to describe yourself with a name that is yours rather than a noun that applies to a whole species (such as person, human, etc…) For, then you are aware of yourself as a person, as an individual, rather than some nameless unit.
But, does knowing your name in anyway guarantee that you know your truth?
For, is your name really YOU?
Isn’t your name just some label or title that your parents have attached to your particular form during this lifetime?
Does that label/title actually answer the question “Who are YOU?”.
Does your name truly define the inner “I”?
Your particular name is NOT the “I” who stands in the presence of God.
The “I” that is living in Being itself sees no distinction between itself & God. It understands completely what “being made in the image & likeness of God” truly means. The inner “I” fully realizes the meaning of “I and the Father are One.” It comprehends completely that all others are an extension of this “I”; an extension of Self. It knows that all Life is of One Source.
To the inner “I” there is no real distinction between itself & other objects. The inner “I” understands that all is one! Distinctions arise due too the external “I” – an ego – an “I” which seeks to possess objects and sees things as separate from itself.
But, it is not easy to come to the direct experience of the inner “I” – your true self & nature. For, the inner “I” is a very shy creature. The inner “I” can’t be lured out of it hiding as long as the external “I” (ego) is around. You must let go of the ego! And then the inner “I” will come out only when all is peaceful, when all is still, when you enter into the silence that is found within.
Do that & you will discover an awareness or consciousness residing there behind your thoughts, behind your emotions, behind the name and activities which you perform. That essence is the witness or observer of all that is happening. It is separate from the thoughts which arise within the mind. That is your true nature, that is your true self. It has many, many, many names — but that is the “I” who you are and the “I” you are trying to awaken to!

May your days be filled with an abundance of Love, Happiness & Peace! ~ Anthony


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