The Inner “I” (Part 2)

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Yesterday I posted about the Inner “I” – our true self or true nature. And the truth is that the discovery of the inner self is the ultimate teaching of Christian Mysticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamic Sufism, Kabbalistic Judaism, and many other traditions.

But, something to understand is that the inner “I” is not a part of your being. It is your being. It is the reality of your Know Thyself, Nuddha Nature, Consciousness, Self realizationbeing itself. It is life itself. It is the life which moves & animates your body and it is the life by which everything lives and moves. Once awakened it communicates itself as living awareness/consciousness itself!

Within Zen Buddhism this experience is called ‘satori’. Satori is the very heart & essence of Zen. It is a spiritual experience which after prolonged purification & intense discipline the monk experiences an inner explosion which destroys his false, external, egoic “I” and leaves nothing but the inner “I” – his “Buddha-Nature” – or whatever else you want to call this self.
Satori is often referred to as – a spiritual enlightenment – a bursting open of the self which reveals the Innermost Self.

According to most Buddhist traditions, the True Self has existed from eternity in the uncreated Absolute and is itself “uncreated” – It lives in Eternity.

Now, while in Buddhism this “awakening” brings one to self-realization. In Christian Mysticism (as well as Jewish & Islamic) the inner self is simply a stepping stone to God-Realization. You are made in the image & likeness of God and so the inner self is like a mirror in which God is reflected. For your “inner being” communicates directly with the Being of God, who is within you. For, as you were told – “the kingdom of God is within you.”
And as you enter within – and find your self – you move past the notion of the separate self – the external “I” – and come face to face with the “I AM”.

“I sought Thee in the external world and I found thee not. I did not find Thee without, O God, because I erred in seeking Thee without, Thou art within.” – St Augustine

Blessings on your journey!

May all your days be filled with an abundance of love, happiness, & peace! ~ Anthony

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