(Digital Download) Sound Healing Experience


Digital Download of a Sound Bath Meditation by internationally renowned meditation teacher and singing bowl specialist, Anthony Profeta.


This is a digital download of the Sound Meditation Album “A Sound Healing Experience”.

The Greek Philosopher, Plato once said, “You can think of disease as dis-harmony. And there is no organ system of the body that is not affected by sound, music, & vibration.”

This Sound Experience is a therapeutic form of meditation because it is all about energy, frequency, & vibration. The tones & frequencies of the sound wavesΒ  help to balance and align your energetic body, as well as, move your mind from the Beta and into an Alpha & possibly even Theta, brainwave state; which is a deep meditative state that leads to relaxation, rejuvenation, & healing!

During this journey, meditation teacher, Anthony Profeta, uses Crystal & Himalayan Singing Bowls, and other instruments to create an experience that will wash away your stress, break loose energy blocks within your energetic system, and allow you to enter into a state of relaxation & self-healing.

Sit back & relax in an open and receptive manner – you may wish to put on some headphones – and just enjoy the experience!Β 

A Sound Healing Experience: 49:17 minutes

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