(Digital Download) Natural Serenity: Meditation Music for Calming the Body & Relaxing the Mind


Digital Download of a Natural Serenity Sound Bath Meditation by internationally renowned meditation teacher and singing bowl specialist, Anthony Profeta.


NATURAL SERENITY is an album of meditation music which combines the beautifully melodic tones of singing bowls and chimes with the serene sounds of nature.

Recent research has shown that singing bowls help to shift the brainwaves out of the beta and into the more relaxed alpha and deeply rejuvenating theta brainwave states, while also having a calming effect on our nervous system. Other studies have shown that the sounds of nature – such as the ocean, rain, bird songs, etc… – are also very helpful in allowing a person to relax; attain a state of increased calmness; reduce levels of anxiety, stress &/or anger. Bringing these peaceful sounds together, these tracks will help you access a natural serenity & achieve a greater sense of calm, peace, and well-being.

Track 1: Sea of Serenity (30:00)

Track 2: Nourished by Nature (30:00)

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